Waterfront Condos – A Very Special Area to Live

The Toronto waterfront spans 46 km along Lake Ontario between the  Etobicoke Creek in the west, and the Rouge River in the East.  East of Exhibition Place,  some of Toronto’s most expensive residences and condominiums are being developed. Historical landmarks such as the Tip Top Tailors Building and the Queen’s Quay Terminal have been converted into luxury condominiums with waterfront views.  Queen’s Quay has become a central location for high end shops and restaurants. The Harbourfront Centre, a large cultural centre,  and an art gallery are also situated in the area…

The Waterfront Condos located on Toronto’s Lakeshore Blvd. are bringing a whole new kind of meaning to modern condo living. With a beautiful waterfront to enjoy, you can live with a smile from the great view of the lake every single day. Most of these types of condos were built with luxury and relaxation in mind.  There are a lot of considerations when buying one of these Waterfront Condominiums.  One aspect are the available amenities within the condominium.  Luxurious condominiums in the waterfront typically include activity areas, fitness rooms health spas and many other types of programs and services for their tenants.

And of course, you also want to know if it is close to many work places and public transport systems.  Waterfront Condominiums have units as large as 1300 square feet.   Typically,  one can purchase pre-construction condos at a better price.  Although it is a long term investment,  they have a much better chance of capital appreciation by the time they are ready for occupancy. Condominiums have now become a more affordable choice for people wanting to invest in real estate.

Bountiful with recreation facilities, such as The Rogers Centre, the Sky Dome, Ontario Place, Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion, Palais Royale and the Boulevard Club, Toronto’s Waterfront Condos have become the central location for tourism and leisure.