Living – King West Toronto

King West has completely transformed. Developers like Freed, Brad Lamb, and Urbancorp, are taking King Street West very seriously, they are developing multiple projects all at a rapid pace. King West is technically west of Yonge Street. The real “King West” is past Spadina Avenue, when you begin to see all the chic lounges like Brassai and Spice Route are merely meters apart.

You will experience the fabulous chic life of Toronto in close proximity when you take a walk during the night and see fancy street lights and city folks with their elegant wear. Comparing it to the boisterous Richmond Street and shift from Adelaide street, King West seems calmer and closer. Since King West is a smaller area, you’ll notice that it has a mature community compared to other parts of Downtown Toronto. King Street West also has a great entertainment district with many lounges and supper clubs that will keep you eventful.

If you’re curious about the clublife, prices for bottle service and restaurants are a little more on the high side. Every 10 minutes you’ll spot an inconspicuous Aston Martin purring away or a hush-hush Bentley parked on the side of the road and before you know it your amongst the elite.

Why is King West so hot? It’s because it works, and it all happens together. Anywhere you look, all the locations of high end mom and pop businesses are fully utilizing the King strip between Spadina and Bathurst. Establishments like Hammam, an upscale salon and spa which is also partnered by the same individuals who operate Century Room. Another hot spot called “Brant House” is a chic wine and supper club that is connected to Cobra nightclub an intense underground snake skin cladded lounge, all managed by another owner. Across the street same owners of Brant and Cobra own a fine restaurant named Jacobs & Co Steakhouse. Add to that long list they also own “The One That Got Away” fish and chips shop during the day. Do you see what’s happening here? Good quality is the life line of King West, it’s not all about transit access or great views (which it already has) it’s also about quality of life and that’s what makes an area truly desirable.