Quickly make your small condo look bigger

Making your condo feel more spacious is becoming more critical than ever, with builders now breaking the barriers with 400-500sqft units it’s hard to feel at home in your condo when you feel like your living in place where you broke the law.

A few things you can probably pick up from ikea this store is is based on the foundation of living in an organized minimalistic manner. And you can learn a few things by starting off their.

Go Small

This is obviously the first step, getting the right sized furniture is not easy, but doable. The easiest way to find the right size is to be practical, if your single you might want to opt in for a loveseat sofa instead of the corner ottoman. You’re probably thinking what if more people come over what will I do? That all comes down to the frequency, you might have staggered counter top that serves well with bar stools or you can find a few smaller stylish chairs that you can fold. But whatever you do don’t base you living space on the odd chance you are going to host to more than the average amount of people that you normally have. Otherwise you will lose the openness and simplicity when your small space is sitting idle.

Clutter Reduction

This can be a bit hard if you moved from place to place, it seems like your getting more and more stuff and have more tupperware than you actually need. Ditch the 28 piece set, throw out annoying or obstructive items that you do not use or care for, remember a clear environment keeps a clear mind.


Finding a way to dominate the storage war your having will require you to learn new ways, think about what you do when you step inside, where do your keys go? Purse, briefcase, shoes, jacket, clothes and the list goes on, for the most part they wind up on your bed, but with discipline and little bit of creativity you can start putting things in the right place. Start by buying inexpensive get hangers and hooks for things like bags, keys and clothing. Then move into less expensive shelving and bins when your getting better at organizing, it will start off small but it must start somewhere.

Buy nice stuff

Give yourself something to appreciate when you can, you don’t need to buy brand new you can find great items for less than half the price on sites like kijiji and craigslist, find things that will create a focal point but won’t clutter and it should be an adequate size, pictures and mirrors set the tone for walls so be more symmetrical and make sure you tell your friends about it.

No matter what the size of your condo you will eventually learn that how you live inside is just as important as how you live outside. Use the elements and amenities to your advantage, many new projects are including private lounges & bars to the mix. The lobby, rooftop, pool, gym are a great way to give you the space you need when you need it.


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