10 Condo Builders in Toronto That Dominate

You might be looking to buy a new condo, and many great deals may pop up your way, I always like seeing creative designs and I’m a sucker for the slick marketing that most developers produce. But for those of you who haven’t invested before or bought a condominium before your doing the right thing reading this article first to narrow down your search.

In summary it is important to buy a condo based on the developers track record since this is overall related to pride of ownership with the residents and a piece of mind for you.
A quick rule of thumb I always tell my clients is “check under the hood” this goes two ways for cars and condos, even if you don’t know what your looking at its good to at lease check.
Tarion is a good resource to find registered builders of all different types of construction, J.D. power and BILD awards are nice too and don’t be afraid to ask these questions before you buy, most of the time the builder will proudly display these awards and designations on their material.
Now visualize that every condo is like one big ship like the titanic, it needs maintenance, staff, security and complex engineering to keep everything running smoothly everyday. This applies to condominiums as well. But what if this was poorly managed? Or even worse, it wasn’t even built correctly in the first place? this is where the blame game happens and the top developers know how to keep their customers happy, and not just for the first few years.
Here is a list if builders that I like to work with and always recommend their products to my clients even if the price is slightly higher I know I am providing my clients something that they will enjoy.
Tridel – the company that has given many homeowners smiles that last forever, Tridel always seems to come out on top year after year, with a large experienced staff overseeing multiple projects at a time.
Menkes – quite an understated builder but chooses to remain that way, the projects quality speaks for itself, a builder known to build high end hotels and commercial buildings, Menkes is in a class of its own.
Great Gulf – known for building fine quality homes, great gulf has quite a long list of condo projects that seem to dominate in location, style and quality
Daniels – praised by buyers of all kinds, Daniels brings a flair to the condominium industry like no other, their projects stand out from a distance and have a classic elegant taste rarely seen.
Empire – known for building spectacular condominiums and luxury homes, empire is a very loyal builder and that goes a very long way in our fast paced city.
Pinnacle – superior quality and experience pinnacle knows their way around a quality product that works.
Lifetime – I like lifetime’s style, they seem to understand what tomorrows condo buyer will need and package it in an irresistible way.
Conservatory – I always like seeing home builders actively produce condo projects as well, since homes are normally completed within a year or so, customers are normally living in rather than investing, this the quality must be met.
Cityzen – Award winning design for absolute condos has fueled this developer to challenge many architectural designs
Freed – This young company learned the ropes really fast, providing high quality real estate products that transforms surrounding neighborhoods
The list should give you a good idea where to start, you can always browse the site for more popular developers and projects we may have missed but our list names the best and most experienced.