Feng Shui for Condos

If you are looking for a new condo or have one already and want to increase the energy flow in it, you’ll need to be aware of the feng shui buying points to look for or how to create this wonderful flow of energy in the condo you have. It can be a lot easier to work with a condo versus a house when it comes to feng shui since the space is more limited and there is less room for error.

The location of the condo in the building

If you are given the choice, look for a condo that’s on a higher floor level. This will create a lighter energy flow since there will be fewer condos above yours. You’ll also have access to more natural lighting and the view will be better, which allows more Chi to enter your space.

Avoid condos that directly face stairway doors or elevators. There is a busy type of energy coming from these areas that can disturb the feng shui positive energy that you’ve built up in your own condo.

The entranceway

This is considered to be the universal energy or the mouth of the Chi. It’s important to have an entryway with a clear opening so that energy can easily flow into your living space. It’s especially important to keep the entrance to your condo as clean and tidy as possible to keep the path of energy clear. What you won’t want to see in the condo layout is a wall directly in front of the entrance door.

The bedroom

The bedroom items that you see when you first wake up in the morning and just before you turn in for the evening are the most important things to concentrate on when applying feng shui principles in the bedroom. An inspiring piece of art or a creative furniture item would supply a better energy than a laundry basket or a TV set in this space

Don’t forget the mirrors

Mirrors in a condo will help to expand the living space visually while attracting light and water energy. These mirrors are best hung to the east, north or southeast and should be used to reflect something creative or to bring in more light.

Feng shui in the kitchen

The condo space in the kitchen should be rectangular and large since it represents your career. It should be bright and well ventilated in order to keep the flow of Qi smooth at all times. If you are planning on purchasing a resale condo that comes with a stove and fridge, they are going to provide a positive start to the energy level in your home. These appliances signify that there will always be food available for the family.

Don’t worry about the unit number

Don’t get caught up in the feng shui importance of the unit number, the door colour or the paint on the walls. The most important thing to consider is the area that the building is located in and whether it has good Qi. Then you can start getting more particular about the condo unit itself and how feng shui can be applied so that the unit can absorb the best positive energy possible.