Trends in Interior Design for Condos

What are the latest 2013 trends for condo interior designs? Quite simply, the latest fashion trends include wallpaper, flowery fabrics, fun patterns, and loads of color with comfort always at the forefront. Now is the time to enjoy some of these exciting trends that provide your living space with a dash of flair combined with elegance.

Flowery fabrics

Don’t hold back on this one! With this year’s trend you have free reign when it comes to the flower patterns you choose and how you mix them up. Whether you want to have flower designs as a main focal point or would prefer to add some flowery touches to your condo in the way of curtains and cushions, you’ll be on the cutting edge of the interior design looks that have been presented this year.

Look for fun patterns

Mix and match things up with the fun patterns that have been emerging this year. Anything goes with this trend and you’ll be able to personally style and theme your condo just the way you want it. If you’re an animal lover, for example, you can find fun decorative rugs, curtains and of course animal pillows that can rest on your couch just waiting to pounce on the next person that sits down! With this type of theme, your pets will fit right in too!

Decorate the way you want with these new pattern themes or simply stick with the traditional patterns like polka dots or stripes that can make their own dramatic effect on any room when placed in strategic positions. Be sure to also check out the fantastic striped chairs available in a wide range of colors that work perfectly as an accent piece.

Wallpaper has its place again

Just when you thought it was over, wallpaper has made its way back into the condo fashion scene with a vengeance. Fortunately, today’s wallpaper can be applied and removed a lot easier than the paper of yesterday that remained attached your wall seemingly forever. It’s time to put the paint cans away this year and to start looking instead at the wallpaper designs and borders.

“Fun” would be the best word to describe the 2013 trends in interior design for condos. Take a look around at the different decorating ideas on the Internet to find your own inspiration. This year, the trends are more exciting and upbeat than they have been for the last few years.