15 Stunning Condo Designs in Toronto

I’m surprised how many condo projects are launching month after month, but seriously has anyone ever stopped an looked up once in a while in their busy life. Well the next time your downtown, uptown, east or west keep an eye out for hot pieces of condominium architecture that are already built or under construction. Here is a list of beautiful condominiums based on architecture and design, trust me this wasn’t easy  and I’m sure most of you will probably have your own opinion but this list is compiled by the look, location and overall feel.

River City

One of the best designs that has to be seen up close, done in all white and black, a very urban move for a mature part of the city, River City’s prime location for the 2015 Pan Am games and jaw dropping architecture is a dream to own.


Tridel is one of the only builders that is see that sets the trend in quality, Reve’s bold red and back cladding and glowing drive way is a must see, I have never seen an entrance done this nicely, at most times this is not at all considered in most builders planing stages.

Pier 27

Waterfront property is rare in Toronto, it takes special understanding of how the science of water and corrosion can affect a man made construction near it. But Pier 27 has been moving on very nicely with bridge units to top it off, another unique piece of architecture by Cityzen.


I have a thing for low-rise boutiques that pack a lot of punch, abacus is like an Enzo Ferarri, not everyone can say they own one, and its even harder to get your hands on one. Abacus is that kind of project that has low supply but high demand.

Thompson Hotel & Residences

People love the hotel in LA, NY and MIA, but bring that celebrity driven hospitality was a great move by the joint venture with Freed developments and the boutique hotel chain.


All I can say is wow, how to do you make a box-style look hot? Make the box have little off centred boxes inside, Urban Capital is a young company with skill, known for providing projects that are catered to “today’s” condo buyers, Tableau is just a start of what the company can come up with.


Colour in condo projects is scarce, it’s unpredictable, hard to pick, an not always pleasing. But the people at Lanterra have done it rather beautifully with “the trees”
From the people who brought you Absolute Tower, have done it again with the L Tower, a condo project literally shaped as the letter “L” but with flair, style  and creativity.

Emerald Park

Do I really have to explain, just gazing at Emerald Park always begs the question “how’d they do that” and that is what the developer Basis is known or in each of their highly gravity defying projects.


Now I know most of you never heard of this project but its one of those sleepers when you drive by you’ll never notice, but would you be surprised to know, interiors were done by FENDI? This dual tower has a solid location and superior interiors with celeb-grade comfort.

One King West Hotel & Residence

I’m always astonished about how thin this project is, you’ll think you’ve missed it looking dead on, but the hotel an residence boasts a great location and uncommon design it had to find its way here.

The Four Seasons Hotel & Residences

Renowned for its superior quality internationally, The Four Seasons hotel & residences is a staple in Toronto’s hospitality and luxury sector. Definitely a challenging design and even more challenging to book a room!
A favourite for many guests and residents alike, no city is complete without a Trump project, the tower may not be the most extensive in its exterior design, but the luxury is super packed in this brand name  project.


This project always seems to amaze people of its shape an it’s abrupt change mid-way, it seems the more structurally challenging the project the more popularity it gains.

Festival Tower

Now here’s a project that utilized its surrounding positively, by banking on the tiff bell light box, the project is located in the heart of the theatre district. Who wouldn’t want a built in movie theatre and hot spot for celebrities to enjoy the Toronto international film festivities.