Do’s and Don’ts Making Your Condo Look Its Best

Whether you want to sell your condo or just get some design tips, there are some key ways to make your condo shine. Being an owner of a condo, you are very aware of the limitations of small-space living. However, don’t despair. With some helpful design strategies, you will be reminded of all the advantages of condo living and those limitations won’t seem evident. If planning to sell, statistics show that you will sell your condo 80% faster and for 6-14% more money when it is properly staged. The scale of the furniture, colors, and size of art and accessories all play an important part in making your condo look spacious. Here are some tips to make less seem like more:

DO choose furniture with multi-purposes. Get a coffee table with ample storage space below, or a bench that contains storage for anything from children’s toys to photo albums. Consider a bookshelf that runs from floor-to-ceiling, or an ottoman that can double as a table and contains storage space inside. Clutter always needs to be out of sight and organization is key. If selling your condo and need help, professional stagers can achieve the look that is designed to sell, and are well worth your investment.

DO create a visual line by unifying the colour of the walls and furniture. Generally, a lighter colour will make the space seem larger. The flooring should also help create a seamless flow through the space, whether its hard wood or carpeting. Remember not to be afraid of some colour for accenting the space. Artwork, flowers, plants and accessories help give the space vibrancy and life.

DO choose furniture that is the right size for the space. Try choosing an ample two-seater sofa rather than an oversized three-seater. The third seat is often wasted, and you will have more room for an end table. Bulky furniture, although comfortable, just does not fit well in a smaller condo. Large furniture, such as a dining room table, needs to be properly scaled for the space and not too large, a common decorating mistake. If selling your condo, consider that by having the right scale and arrangement of furniture and accessories in each room, buyers can visualize themselves moving in much faster.

DON’T block off open spaces. By choosing a glass coffee table for example, the eye can travel through the space, making it appear larger. Use console tables instead of big chests of drawers. Also, a low bookshelf can be used as an airy, yet practical room divider.

DON’T forget to have proper lighting that highlights the space. Lighting fixtures add elegance and class, while creating soft, romantic lighting. Track lighting is good when wanting to control where light shines, and be used to set a mood or give an even look to your suite. Table lamps are functional, create softness and add to visual appeal of the space.

DON’T sell an empty suite. So many times, we see clients list their suite empty and although it is a great space, it does not sell for months. Once it is properly staged, it sells in a matter of days. The right furniture, art and accents, will make your space look larger and more valuable.

Don’t rule out the importance and value of having your home properly staged.


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