How to Make Your Condo Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

When you’re working with a small condo kitchen space, there are definitely tricks that you can use to make it appear larger. It all comes down to good design ideas and blending together ergonomics and aesthetics. Best of all, you can use most of these tips without having to dig deep into your pockets to fund them. If you are looking for Toronto new condos, here are a few decor tips for your kitchen:

Make It Bright


The more lighting, the better when it comes to small kitchens. Don’t be afraid to add several different lighting layers into the room and be sure to open your curtains to let in direct daylight. Bring more light into your kitchen with shiny and reflective surfaces to give it more life. Your countertops, floors and cupboards can all be glossy and search for accessories featuring a bright enamel glaze.

Keep It Uncluttered


When you’re lacking space in the kitchen, a cluttered appearance will make it look even smaller. Clutter automatically diminishes the size of any room and this applies even more so in a small kitchen. Put things away as you use them and don’t allow them to accumulate to be put away later. You may be able to get away with this in a larger living room space, but definitely not in a tiny kitchen.

Minimalist Furniture


If you currently have a chunky kitchen table with overbearing chairs, consider trading them in for something with a sleeker design. Large furniture in a small room never works. Use furniture that shows more floor area to create the illusion of more space. Minimalist furniture is also designed to feature well-defined lines that prevent the kitchen from appearing disorganized and clumsy.

Vertical Lines


Use vertical lines to your advantage when you want to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. They automatically draw your eye upwards and the kitchen appears more spacious. Try this on your backsplash or purchase a few kitchen accessories that have vertical lines on them.

Open Shelves


If you’re going to be adding some shelves to your kitchen, keep them open and don’t hide them. These add an airy look to the room and help open it up.

You can embrace the condo lifestyle and make it everything you want with a few simple tricks. If you’re looking for Toronto new condos, we have all the latest listings and developments. Finding the perfect condo is easier than you think when you can view the selection available in an organized fashion complete with pictures- book your tour today!