Advertising your Development on Condo Royalty is Free.

If you would like to be featured on the home page, you can kindly ask by emailing


Completeness Criteria:

Your company must be a credible residential developer. You must have a website, and provide us with all of the information of all projects that you have launched, completed and currently building. The projects must be in the GTA. in the popular cities listed on our site Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Oakville. If this does not apply to your developments at the moment, please email us and we will try to add the city and accommodate you as best as possible

As an added bonus, we automatically create a Developer profile for you via your-company-name – and your developer profile will be added to each project page.

To qualify for a developer profile:

1) You must also provide us with a uniquely written description of your company (no copied content), and follow the guidelines and parameters for each project set below to be eligible.

2) Address: (this must be the address of the project not presentation centre).

3) Photos: (min 6 to max 12)

4) Videos: (if applicable – Youtube link, Vimeo link or .mp4 is accepted)

5) Floorplans: (if applicable – in .PDF is preferable)

6) Details: (N/A or if applicable)

Price range
Square footage
Move in

Your project will then be featured on our site.


Questions, Answers.

How much does it Cost?

Seriously, your not going to charge us anything?

Can you put a pop-up or Banner Ad on a page other than the Home-Page?
No, We do not provide interruption based advertising. (pop-ups, related projects, “things you may be interested in”, newsletters etc. etc.)

We would like to have our custom designed banners added to the home page instead is this possible?

– Unfortunately, No – things like dimensions, legalities, approvals, designs and conformity with our site and standards are very strict we cannot allow you to design and place an ad on our site directly.

We have an exclusive offer that we would like listed on
OK, Provide the details – We will design a Deal Banner that will be featured on the “deals” page.

How does our company get “built by” under the project name and have a developer profile on
– Start by submitting your information here and we will contact to you. Please have all your projects details ready such as photos, videos, floor plans, etc.

Do you provide a link to our Company if we provide you with all our project’s information?

– Yes, We do provide a link to your development website. When you meet the completeness criteria mentioned above.

Can you put the price list on the project page?
– No, we tried this, but prices change all the time and may cause confusion and extra work for us to keep up with the fluctuations.

Do you put the content of our projects up directly?
Yes, We do upload pictures, floor plans, videos and details ourselves only.

Can you take our project or deal down?

As you wish, you may ask us to remove your project from our website, and it will be removed within 12-24hrs. Please email

We’ve seen some errors in our project pages, can you kindly correct them?
Yes, we will right away. email us at and we will contact you and update the information within 12-24hrs.

How can we help you?

Please be as accurate as possible when providing information to us. Provide as many projects you wish and help us help you.

Is there anything we can get you?
The latest project launches and news would be great and the only form of gift that we are able and would like to receive.


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