Condo Facts
  • Price Range
    $296,900 - $849,000
  • Square Footage
    400 Sqft - 1,200 Sqft
  • Move In
  • Maintenance Fees
    $0.43 per sqft
  • Floors
  • Units
  • Neighbourhood
    Yorkville, Upper Jarvis
  • Parking Cost
  • Lifestyle
    High-rise, Luxury

588 Jarvis Street, Toronto

About X2

X2 Condos is a new condo project by Great Gulf and Lifetime Developments. Prices starting from $296,990 to $849,990, The project carries a total of 470 suites at 49 storeys. X2 will be completed in 2015 at Jarvis Street and Charles Street in Toronto.  

About The Builder

Great Gulf is condo and home developer, a great match for those who strive to live greatly. The idea to Inspire new designs and architecture has truly set the standard in the company's cutting edge presentation. All Great Gulf condominium projects command state-of-the-art technologies making their product more quieter, brighter, healthier, and more energy-efficient, while providing a strong commitment to customers.

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Floor Plans
The Fowler22908-
The Hayes1+1741-
The Dirstein11596-
The Hampton22803-
The Grange-1416-
The London1+1642-
The Baldwin11570-
The Lancaster-1463-

Unit Details