PSV Condos – Prices and Floor Plans Released! March 24th

Posh Style Vibe will be releasing the Floor plans and Prices to Condo Royalty, as of now all we know is the deposit structure and the price range ($400 sqft). – There will be a special one day only VIP “family and friends” sale event. Please register now and reserve your unit today for another hot Mississauga Project.

As you already must know, Posh Style Vibe (aka) PSV condos is located in the heart of Mississauga’s great Square One location, amoungst a the largest organized condo community Parkside Village, this will be the fourth tower of the project and is geared for the younger generation of new condo investors and residents alike.

I personally think this is one of the “big ones” as the iconic building name hints Posh-Style-Vibe it gives you something to more to expect from a condo. Are you thinking infinity pool? rooftop patio maybe? this will be one of the first ones in Mississauga’s roster, I’m counting on the prices to be in the low 200,000’s all the way up to the 550,000 range I wouldn’t be surprised if it went higher as the renderings (photo) of the building looks quite tall and this is one of Parkside Village’s High-rise. Amacon Plans to build about 15 high rises in Mississauga and I know they would like to gain more traction with their marketing catering to the Chic Absolute Condo lovers, normally building reveal a “day-shot” rendering of the building – but PSV came out first with the “night-shot” I think they are implying something special with this one, lets wait and see till this week stay tuned!



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