Keeping Your Pets Happy In a Condo


There are tons of perks to living in a condo in Toronto. Low maintenance life, easy access to shopping centers and grocery stores, and the luxury amenities that come along with living in a condominium are huge draws for many people. Some potential condo buyers, especially those who are thinking about condo life after years of living in a home with a backyard, may feel that the presence of their pets prohibits them from buying a condo. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s relatively easy to keep your pets happy while still taking advantage of all that a condominium has to offer. Here are a few tips that pet owners can keep in mind in order to ensure that their furry friends stay happy while living in a condo.

Try And Pick A First Level Home

Selecting a condo that is on the first level of a high-rise building gives you fast and easy access to the outdoors, minimizing the amount of time you’ll need to spend “commuting” to take your pet outside. Some dogs are fine with waiting, but others may get a bit antsy on stairs or in an elevator, making a first level unit ideal.

Allow Them Plenty Of Time Outside For Exercise

When it comes to exercising a dog, many pet owners rely solely on their backyard. This simply isn’t possible with a condo, so it’s important that you set aside time to exercise your dog. Depending on your dog’s temperament, most vets will recommend anywhere from one to three walks per day. The length of each walk should depend on your dog’s energy level.. You should also invest in a number of high quality stimulating toys in order to keep your dog entertained while at home.

Find The Nearest Dog Park

Dog parks give dogs and their owners a chance to socialize with one another. You can let your dog off the leash and allow him or her a chance to burn off some of that extra energy. Be sure to check with your municipality about registration and tagging requirements, and always keep an eye on your dog to keep them, and you, safe.

Consider A Dog Walker

If you work full time, it might be a good idea to consider hiring a dog walker or doggie day care to ensure that your pet isn’t left alone in your condo for too long, and to keep them active throughout the day.

Condo living lends itself well to living a flexible lifestyle. Finding a pet-friendly condo development is easy when you partner with Condo Royalty- to tour new condos in Toronto, book today using our convenient online form or sign up for our newsletter!


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