Finding the Right Floor in your new condo in Toronto

Condos are a part of the urban landscape. They provide beautiful backdrops to a city and are close to amenities. When searching for new condos in Toronto, the first step is finding your ideal location and neighbourhood. One consideration condo buyers may have in mind is choosing which floor they would like to live on.. So how do you pick the ideal floor for your needs? Well, condos can range from 12 to over 20 storeys high. The highest condo in Toronto has 78 floors. Keep reading to find out about the best floors to pick when selecting your condo home!


Ground Floor


The first floor of a condo is great because it means you can get in and out quick – there is the convenience of easy access. Often, when condos have lots of floors, there are groups of people waiting to access the elevator. Living on the ground also means that amenities like the gym and pool could be very close or even steps away. Living downstairs also means you may save on your air conditioning bills, since heat rises.

Right in the Middle


Living one the middle floors of a condo can be great because you get to avoid hearing the noise from the street. You may also still have a stunning view! You get the best of both worlds when your condo is located on the middle floors of a building- the height and the easy access to the lobby and street level.

The Penthouse


Since heat rises, the top floor is one of the best places when winter comes because you can save on heating costs. Living high up also means you can avoid the local noise on the street, get great lighting, and avoid hearing any stomping or movement above you.

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