Condo Facts
  • Price Range
    $600,000 - $580,000
  • Square Footage
    485 Sqft - 1,046 Sqft
  • Move In
  • Maintenance Fees
    $0.57 per sqft
  • Floors
  • Units
  • Neighbourhood
    Park Lawn, Humber Bay
  • Parking Cost
  • Lifestyle
    High-rise, Lake view

2183 Lake Shore Blvd West, Etobicoke

About Eau Du Soleil

Eau Du Soleil is a new condo on Toronto's waterfront developed by Empire Communities is currently under construction at Marine Parade Drive in South Etobicoke. Eau Du Soleil Condos will encompass its great location on Toronto's Lake Shore with spectacular amenities. To be exact, Eau Du Soleil is one of the last sites located in the Humber Bay area, neighboring Lago and California condos being just a block away, residents will find a sense of open space and avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown while just being a few kilometers away.   Towering two 50-70 storey buildings and hosing 1000 units, Eau Du Soleil will accommodate with a large scale list of amenities being a 3 storey building of its own! a pool, fitness area, a large park space and more. Public pathways are also connected to the site, allowing residents to quickly become apart of the waterfront living. Designed by E.I. Richmond Architects, and Zeidler Partnership Architects the Empire communities builder is taking the Humber Bay Area very seriously!

About The Builder

Empire Communities is involved in all sectors of the new home building industry, including commercial, industrial, low-rise and high-rise residential, luxury new homes and affordable housing. With a proud history encompassing years of excellence, Empire has established a tradition of creating prestigious award winning new homes, communities and amenities and has earned a reputation for outstanding attention to detail and customer service.

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Floor Plans
Sky 5711643-
Sky 601+1665-
Sky 611+1665-
Sky 621+1586-
Sky 631+1587-
Sky 652+2741-
Sky 662+2750-
Sky 672+2753-
Sky 682+2766-
Sky 692+1776-
Sky 702+2811-
Sky 722+2913-
Sky 732+21143-
Sky 7532989-
Sky 76321014-
Sky 783+21243-
Water 961+1584-
Water 972+2753-
Water 1002+2888-
Water 1022+2755-
Water 1042+2741-

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