Condo Facts
  • Price Range
    $250,000 - $560,000
  • Square Footage
    350 sqft - 1,100 sqft
  • Move In
  • Maintenance Fees
    $0.53 per sqft
  • Floors
  • Units
  • Neighbourhood
  • Parking Cost
  • Lifestyle
    High-rise, Luxury

42 Charles Street, Toronto

About Casa 2

Casa II Condos is a new condo project by Cresford Development Corporation.  Prices starting from $250,000 to $560,000, The project carries an estimated total of 500 suites at 56 storeys. Casa 2 will be completed in 2016 and will be currently under construction at 42 Charles Street, in Toronto.       Casa 2 by Cresford Development, the builder of the current 1000 Bay and Casa 1, has currently taken over the YMCA building at 42 Charles Street East and will build a new 64-storey tower that will raise the bar of their already 46-storey Casa 1 tower. Cresford has teamed up with high-end luxury brands on interior and amenity design. At the moment furnishing has been done on Casa 1 by Armani and for Casa 2 Missoni will provide the interior design and furnishings... perfect fit for Yorkville! Casa 2 will build 600 units starting from studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom suites and right up to the luxurious penthouse suites. Nearly every condo in the downtown Toronto hypes their great location but with Casa, this is actually true! Located at a mere 100 meters from the Yonge/Bloor subway entrance and literally steps to the core of Yorkville’s upscale brand boutiques, the finest restaurants in the city and the hottest venues in Toronto, Casa 2 is in the heart of this luxury playground. If it’s chic culture you’re after, the shopping, entertainment and countless theaters are just seconds away. With projects like this it’s no wonder that the Yorkville area has the steadiest appreciation track record in the GTA. Investors from globally are learning a lot about the locations and project management efforts of Cresford Developments and the mastery behind Casa 2 Condo. With prices starting in and around the mid $200,000′s and completion estimated at 2016 you have a great opportunity to invest in the Yonge/Bloor area, and if you liked Chaz. Yorkville. located just across the street, this is a clear indication Casa 2's Potential.    

About The Builder

Cresford Developments is known for their coveted locations to fashion-forward design and sophisticated amenities. The builder has been involved with luxury condominium developments at the early stages. The first residential developer in Canada to dress up their condominiums with international fashion labels, Cresford is renowned for superb quality and attention to detail. Cresford condominiums feature inspirational living spaces that seamlessly flow from one to the next and sublime amenities that celebrate life and style. A trusted name in the market for over 30 years.

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