What is Condo Royalty and how can it help me?




Condo Royalty is a 100% transparent Condo platform for all new condo projects in the GTA.

Search, Download and Share new condo price lists, floor plans, videos, pictures, facts and compare new condo developments all in one website.

  • FREE
    You don’t have to sign up, and you don’t have to register. Start viewing condos in your area right now, new projects are all here for you to quickly sort, view and make a decision on your next condo purchase.
  • Save Time
    We believe this is a great tool for investors and new first time home buyers to independently assess individual condo pro’s and con’s without bias or a pushy salesperson. This means now you can comfortably compare all condos in one website.
  • Save Money
    When you are ready to make a purchase, feel free to contact us by booking a tour with a builder, sign up to receive updates and alerts or find us Facebook – you can save thousands with updated exclusive builder incentives, cash back offers, extended deposit structures, and reserved units*.

Condo Royalty – developed, built and managed for the freedom of information.


Get The Royalty Treatment

We would like to thank you for visiting CondoRoyalty.ca – It is an advanced website that has been engineered to assist first time condo buyers and investors to make well researched decisions on their future purchases. You can search by map, move-in date, city, street and even by maintenance fee’s, all on one easy to use platform.. Try it here.

Why Condo Royalty?

Good Question, On CondoRoyalty.com you will only find current and future pre-construction condominium and townhouse projects here, the website monitors the best projects in the GTA and allows us to be well engaged in this sector of real estate.

Secondly, You get get the royal treatment, the red carpet service, the full service experience… well you get the hint. But How?

Firstly, if you haven’t already noticed, we provide you with information openly and freely, while connecting you with the right builders and professionals. We do not perform any interruption based advertising on the site or attack your inbox with general newsletters. We solely offer a free and open atmosphere to do your research and get in get the right information. We believe that you should be informed and well educated about making these tough decisions, allow us to give you a head start! Here on some tips that you should keep in mind…

Find Deal
– exclusive incentives and discounts won’t show up in front of you or in any case find their way to you in a magazine or TV commercial. We connect you to the right professionals and builders and this keeps us ahead of the curve. With special low % down payments, cash back rebates and upgrades credits. Incentives should be routinely checked to make sure you are not missing out on a good deal.

Clear Facts – Its better to know the suite you choose is the right one before you buy, how much rent has appreciated in the area, what kind of value will retain on resale. Things like the best view and layout don’t always appear in black and white. Allow us to connect you with someone that will give you a full review at the presentation centre and provide comparable new condo projects that are in the area.

Get Details –  All hidden or unseen charges, taxes, costs and fine print should be completely discussed with you before signing and reviewing with the lawyer. In most cases this is legally not a responsibility other than your lawyer’s to inform you but you should take the initiative instead to educate yourself on this. After all it could possibly be a deal breaker.

Stay Updated – Once you find a good deal, have been fully educated about the project and started budgeting for closing costs at this time you would expect to shake hands and walk away, but doing your research on Condo Royalty gives you the competitive edge. Upon completion of the condo project come back to receive up to date information like videos, construction photos and more.

How much does it cost? it’s Free. you are not obliged or commit in any kind of legal agreement and if you need more time to think, save or shop around we will always be here updating you on new condo projects and deals.




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